2 Pack Anti Tip Straps Safety for TV Furniture Safety Straps for Baby Proofing Adjustable Earthquake Straps for Furniture Heavy Duty TV Straps

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Package includes: TV safety strap*2 Self-adhesive screws*4

Quantity: 2 pcs

Colour: Black

Product size: Self-adhesive screw 5.7cm/2.2in, safety belt can be extended to 90cm/35.4in

Material: nylon strap


1. Babies love to explore all objects and crevices in the house. You can help keep your child safe from harm with these two sets of TV safety harnesses.

2. The safety belt is made of thickened nylon material, equipped with reinforced stitching and self-adhesive screws. It is strong and durable to improve the safety of the furniture. It is also easy to install and can be installed in just a few minutes.

3. Can be used with any TV wall mount to minimize vibration and help prevent tipping due to natural disasters such as earthquakes and storms.

4. Even the elderly at home can be injured by furniture tipping over, and these furniture safety straps can help eliminate worries while keeping everyone safe.

5. In addition to fixing screws, you can also use screw drilling to fix the TV safety strap, which can be fixed on metal and wooden brackets and walls, providing different options according to wall conditions.
KEEPING CHILDREN SAFE: Another step toward child- or pet-proofing your home. Suitable for families with babies. Keeping furniture secure while your baby is learning to crawl can help prevent the TV from falling, causing damage or injury to children or pets.
SECURE VARIOUS FURNITURE: TV safety straps can also be used as furniture straps for bookshelves or dressers. These straps securely attach to the wall with screws and can be used at any angle, even those that are not flush with the wall.
EASY TO INSTALL: The TV strap is easy to install, with no drilling and, no tools required, clean the location where you want to install it, it can be installed in a few minutes, guards your entire home, and protects children.
PACKAGE INCLUDES: A set of two black TV safety straps and retaining screws, this kit comes with all necessary hardware. Length is adjustable to fit the largest TV sizes.
SUITABLE FOR HOMES AND VEHICLES: Our TV safety straps are suitable for living rooms, outdoor TVs, TV cabinets, bedrooms, or office buildings to hold your TV in place while driving.

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