Bamboo Toddler Cup for Kids – 150ml Open Cup for Baby with Non-toxic Silicone Liner, Transition Sippy Cup Snack Cup for Toddlers Promotes Baby-Led Weaning, Drinking and Oral Motor Skills (Orange)

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Those little ones grow up fast. One minute they’re tiny bundles of cuteness who can’t hold up their head and the next, they’re running around, climbing on furniture and explaining to you why green beans are “yucky”. Here at bb, we want to support you every step of the way. Like when your child starts to outgrow her bottle and is ready for a grown-up cup. This adorable bb cup shaped like a honey barrel is sure to excite your youngster! But wait! “Straight from a bottle to a cup?” you might ask. What about a teat cup? Well, according to experts it’s better for young children to transition directly to a straw or regular sippy cup cup and skip the teat cup altogether. When you introduce a cup, your little one starts practicing new ways to use her tongue and mouth, which aids speech development. Learning to hold a cup also refines your child’s motor skills and coordination. The bb cup is made from all-natural bamboo like all our tableware. Bamboo is not only a safe alternative to plastic, completely free of all harmful substances. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s good for the environment and completely biodegradable. This bb cup can be paired with our bb spoons and double as a cute bowl for yummy yogurts or purees. Available in 8 different colours, the bb cup will make the transition from baby bottles to cups a piece of cake. Recommended Age: 6+ months Dimensions: Height: 8cm | Volume: 150ml

✔️ WHY ARE OPEN CUPS BETTER THAN TEATS? Health experts and dentists recommend open sippy cups rather than teats. Open sippy cups avoid the need for further transitions from bottle, to spout, to open cup. Our soft food-grade silicone inserts protect little teeth and lips, and ergonomically shaped bamboo shells are easy for toddlers to wrap their fingers around. Each holds 150ml / 5oz of liquid.

✔️ DO OUR SIPPY CUPS REALLY HELP? Yes, our sippy drinking cups have won awards for their design. They were designed with a cute honey barrel jar in mind and to ergonomically fit snugly in your little ones hand. The silicone drip edges were designed to protect and support developing teeth, lips and gums. Children love them.

✔️ A THOUGHTFUL FIRST GIFT for boys and girls, bamboo bamboo cups for kids are cute and convenient. Partner them with our other toddler bowls and plates to make complete baby tableware sets. Mealtimes will be events to remember as young diners show-off their eating skills with right-sized dishes designed just for them.

✔️ MULTIPLE USE? Yes! Join thousands of other parents like you who use our sippy cups for yoghurts, purees, smoothies and so much more. Combine these adorable cups with our bamboo and silicone spoons and help your child master scooping and self-feeding. When you’re done, feel free to pop the silicone insert in the dishwasher for convenient cleaning.

✔️ HOW SAFE? Our list of ingredients are natural bamboo and food-grade silicone. That’s all good bye. But seriously, we’re borderline insane about bringing you high-quality and safe children’s products. Being parents just like you, we chose not to cut corners in our production and honestly, neither do we want to attract customers who are looking for the cheapest version.

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Customers like the appearance and quality of the drinking cup. They mention it’s well-made, cute, and charming all the way around. The base is stable and helps in the stability when holding the cup.

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