BİDO Baby Nail Trimmer File Electric-Safe Baby Nail Clippers,Manicure Kit for Newborn Toddler and Kids,6 Grinding Heads and LED Light, Pink or Blue (Yellow)

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baby nail trimmerbaby nail trimmer

electric baby nail file for newborn and Kidselectric baby nail file for newborn and Kids

BIDO Electric Baby Nail Trimmer 15 in 1 Set

Each box has the following items:

1 Electric Nail Trimmer Main Unit (Batteries (AA) are not included.)1 Travel Case6 Nail Trimmer Heads for Baby (3 EXTRAS)6 Nail Trimmer Heads for Adults (3 EXTRAS, Includes one Metal Grinding heads & Cone tools).1 Instruction Book (Includes How to Use)1 Storage Box

Color Choices: Blue,Pink,Yellow

For babies and adults, the BIDO electric nail trimmer is designed to trim and polish toenails and fingernails. Toenails and fingernails can be shortened faster and simpler with the 360°all-around title and continuous speed. Cuticles and nail beds are unaffected. BIDO baby nail trimmer is silent and has a light. The led light on the baby nail file allows it to be used in low-light situations.When your baby is napping, this is ideal for their nails. There is no risk or harm because the pressure activated arrest system is triggered.Also in the product has a whisper quiet motor that operates at only 35 decibels, never disturbing up your sleeping baby.

Baby nail led

Baby nail led

electric baby nail file 360 rotation

electric baby nail file 360 rotation

baby electric nail file whisper quiet

baby electric nail file whisper quiet

Premium Gift Box Set

Premium Gift Box Set

Soft Led Light:

The front LED light on the BIDO baby nail trimmer ensures that it may be used in the dark. That’s why it’s perfect for using when your babies is nappin

360° All-around Excellent Trim:

Toenails and fingernails become softer and smoother with 360° all-around excellent trimming, polishing, and constant velocity.The speed (high/low) and rotation (clockwise/anticlockwise) of the BIDO baby nail trimmer are controlled by a single button.

Whisper Quiet Motor:

BIDO baby nail trimmer has a low noise level of only 35dB.Making it ideal for trimming baby toes and finger nails without waking up a sleeping your baby.

Gift Box Set:

We are giving away gifts 6 nail trimmer heads.Your babies will be happy thanks to the gift surprises that will come out of the box.Each package includes a travel case for easier storage and transport.

baby nail trimmer setbaby nail trimmer set

Suitable for All Ages:

Pink: 0-3 monthsYellow: 4-12 monthsBlue: 12 months+White: AdultsMetal Pad: AdultMetal Cone: Adults

baby nail care

baby nail care

baby nail trimmer pad

baby nail trimmer pad

care baby

care baby

baby nail care

baby nail care

Step1, Insert two AA batteries into the trimmer.

Remove the battery cover by sliding it off.As the “+/-” pole indicator, you need to place two AA batteries.Then, Reattach the battery cover to the trimmer. When you insert it, you will hear a click and this protects the battery cover.

Step2, Choose Your Grinding Pads

Based on the age of your babies, select the appropriate grinding heads.Push the grinding heads evenly all the way to the bottom.

Step3, Power Switch

The connected trimmer pad will start spinning as soon as the power button is switched on.After this stage, adjust the spinning speed/rotation.

Step4, Ready to Trim Your Babies Nails

Maintain a comfortable posture for your baby’s hands or feet.When you turn on the power switch, the trimmer will start spinning right away.For protection starting with the slowest speed then,You may change the direction and speed as you need to get.


safe for babysafe for baby

When you acquire this products from BIDO, the first service we want to provide you is trust. You may buy the BIDO baby nail trimmer with confidence, since it features a %100 percent safety mechanism designed specifically for the use of nail clippers by infants. All of your baby’s safety demand is fulfilled with BIDO baby nail trimmer. Cuticles and delicate nail beds will not be harmed by this gentle nail grooming kit. This electronic grooming kit will provide you and your kid with complete healthcare.


Also for the safety of the product never use alcohol, acetone, gasoline, or other mordant substances to clean; instead, use a soft damp towel or cloth.

1— Safe & Powerful – Super gentle baby nail trimmer that won’t hurt cuticles or soft nail beds, easily and speedily clip and paint little toenails and fingernails.Electric grinding with a speed of up to 5000 rpm helps you to easily trim and polish all toenails and fingernails to the desired shape. 2mm foam cushion under sandpapers will protect the tiny nails from harming surrounding skin.
2—Multiple Settings: You can control speed (high-low) and rotation (clockwise-reverse) when trimming the different hands’ fingernails.You can use the nail file machine with only one press. You can choose from various modes: high or low speed settings.It is powered by 2 AA batteries(not included).
3—Whisper Quiet and LED Light: The electric baby nail file equips with a whisper quiet motor, so even when your baby is sleeping you can trim their nails without waking them up. The nail care kit is built with the front LED light (light comes on when the nail trimmer is turned on) which effectively ensures that it can be used in dark areas
4—Easy to Carry: With the nail clipper being extremely lightweight and having a travel case, it is easy storage and carry around.
5 — 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy in any way with your purchase please let us know ASAP, our customers’ satisfaction is the most important to us.

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Customers like the ease of use, performance, pain relief, and value of the nail trimmer. They mention that it’s very easy to use, does the job, and is very useful. Customers also appreciate the quality, effect on nails, and age range. However, some disagree on light.

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