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We are a toy company in the production of lifelike reborn dolls.
These adorable, lifelike reborn toddlers are original in design, with attention to every hand-crafted detail.  With realistic baby skin, moist lips, cute nails, and completely hand-painted, the resemblance between these dolls and a real child is striking and you won’t be able to resist holding him/her in your arms.
Package contains
In order to repay the trust of our customers, we will randomly give beautiful clothes, baby bottles, magnetic pacifiers.
Way of caring
1.  Avoid extreme heat and cold
2.  Avoid things that will stain your doll, such as ink or markers
3.  Keep your doll away from pets, as pets may mistake it for a toy and bite it
4.  Magnetic parts should be kept away from people wearing hearing AIDS, pacemakers, or metal implants
5.  Its limbs are flexible enough to allow it to lie or sit
It is best to keep the doll out of direct sunlight and dust it regularly
【Features】This is a mini reborn doll, anatomically correct for a girl. Size: 4.5 inches from head to toe, weighs 5 ounces, palm-sized, mini and portable; Eyes: acrylic eyes, cannot blink; Washable, easy to care and maintain.
【Material】The mini doll is made of solid platinum silicone, which feels closer to human skin and more realistic, very soft and lifelike, just like a real mini baby.
【Baby Care Tips】The whole body of this mini doll is made of silicone, so please always treat him gently. If you like to give him a bath, be gentle when bathing or changing him.
【Perfect Gift】 (1) Any kid who loves babies! This will definitely be a keepsake for your child’s life. Recommended for children 3 years and older. (2) Relieve adult stress. (3) Great for ADHD, Autism, Calm. (4) It is also a perfect gift for lonely elderly people or hospital patients. (5) Used by grieving mothers who regret and want to mourn the loss of a child through abortion.
【You will get】Mini silicone baby (x1), mini solid bottle (x1 random color), clothes (x1). [Warm reminder: When you receive the mini doll, please check the mini doll first to make sure it is in good condition. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. ]

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Customers like the softness and appearance of the toy figure. They mention that it feels real and is truly unique.

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